JOYO Foundation staff have analyzed the situation of children from disadvantaged people who are overcome by the simplest requirements of the school, have a lack of focus, are getting tired and have a precarious emotional balance. These children need a comprehensive approach, special attention and interventions to help them overcome the “retardation” and meet the school’s needs in order to integrate them from an educational and social point of view.
The Pilot Project “Wait for Me!”, Initiated by the JOYO Foundation in the summer of 2013, is intended for children who have great learning difficulties and whose educational and professional development as well as a worthy place in society depend on the promptness and professionalism of Who will be guided to overcome these obstacles.
Socio-educational integration of children with great learning difficulties from needy families.
The 10 children aged 7-11 are pupils in different schools in different classes and come from very poor families who have requested the support of the JOYO Foundation. These children were not born with a medical retardation but recorded a delay in cognitive development due to lack of incentives on the part of the family, but also to the very low level of education of the parents. They are traumatized and have learning difficulties as a consequence of their heavy lives, hunger, poor living conditions, negative patterns, domestic violence or the communities in which they live.
Our intervention is based on giving special attention to children’s needs, psychological counseling and differentiated pedagogical guidance aimed at reducing the cognitive gap between them and other children of their age. They will receive daily guidance for school themes, lunch and a snack in the day center, requisites, clothing. At the same time, children are involved in occupational therapies and group therapy sessions in order to help them find their emotional balance and self-confidence.
All support from the JOYO Foundation is aimed at helping these children complete eight classes, attend a qualification course that will help them find a job in order to lead a decent life.