Project held by Fundatia JOYO with the support of the General Council of Bucharest through the General Direction for Social Assistance of Bucharest

Based on the Decision nr. 216/2013 Fundatia JOYO continues to hold the project “School is on your side”  in partnership with Bucharest General Direction of Social Assistance (DGASMB) and the School Inspectorate of Bucharest. The project “School is on your side” contributes to the prevention of school drop-out among the pupils from the Bucharest’s general schools, by involving the civil society and local authorities in approaching the socio-educative issues linked to the school abandon, by raising the awareness of the normality and necessity of being a pupil at the school age, as also by raising the contribution of the teachers and school counselors to the prevention of school drop-out. The project particularly capitalizes the six years experience of the JOYO Foundation in unfolding school drop-out prevention and school reintegration programs.

In the frame of the project, we unroll workshops dedicated to the pupils in risk of school drop-out, in which the project’s team discuss with the children from schools and their teachers on the subjects of school drop-out’s causes, consequences and prevention modalities and  present the personal experiences of the children and youth who were reintegrated in school by the JOYO Foundation.

The representatives of the DGASMB and JOYO Foundation have periodic work meetings with the teachers and school counselors from the schools involved in the project. Part of the children in risk of school abandon will also participate in an educative summer camp, organized by the JOYO Foundation.