Expedition in Carpathians – Sarmisegetuza

This project which unfolds annually is organized by the National Children’s Palace, the Ministry of Justice  and the JOYO Foundation. Our children participate in these expeditions, among other groups of children and youngsters from the National Children’s Palaces of Bucharest and Cugir and a few Reeducation Centers for Minors. The project’s objectives lie in stimulating the social integration of the youngsters affected by juvenile delinquency and as for the other children, in achieving new knowledge and educational experiences and preventing the antisocial attitudes and tendencies. In 2009, the seventh edition of the project took place in the village of Luncile Prigoanei from Alba.County.

“Permit for the future”

“Permit for the future”, the project held in partnership by ECDL Foundation Romania, ECDL Romania, “Ion Barbu” High School through the volunteer trainer Mrs. Adriana Bendovschi, teacher and Fundatia JOYO ended Tuesday, June 11th 2013 with the award ceremony for the 7 graduates. The children prepared a short PowerPoint presentation about the applicability of the gained knowledge in everyday life and the diplomas were handed by ECDL Romania representatives, Mrs. Elena Chiru – Project Manager and Mrs. Irinuca Vaduva – Marketing and PR manager.
The seven children supported by Fundatia JOYO who were involved in this project managed to obtain the Complete ECDL License and two of them who here in the XII-th grade equated their Digital Competences test from the Baccalaureate exam with the ECDL License.
We address our most warm thanks to ECDL Romania Foundation, ECDL company for the given opportunity, as well to Mrs. Adriana Bendovschi for the understanding and support offered to the underprivileged children from Fundatia JOYO.


The project targets the education of the children and youth beneficiaries of the foundation, in the spirit of the basic moral values of the community, through supporting, according to their measure and possibilities, the elderly persons from the community. Through volunteering activities, especially during the cold season or by offering greetings or small decorative objects made in the foundation’s atelier of creation, our children earned the respect and appreciation of our senior neighbors. They also participate in public events dedicated to the elderly persons, by performing in spectacles of dance, music and poetry.

“We’re building the future”

This project aims at involving our children and youngsters, beneficiaries of SIC1 and SIC2 projects, in volunteering activities destined to help underprivileged families and, implicitly, at developing their civic spirit, responsibility and the habit of working for the welfare of the community. The most important activities within the frame of this project were accomplished in 2008, by collaborating with the Association “Habitat for Humanity”, when our children brought their contribution to the construction of social houses in the village of Oarja, near Pitesti.

“Hands On 4 Joyo – Today is my birthday!”

The project, initiated by the Hands on Education company and developed in collaboration with our foundation, aims at stimulating the affective and moral development of the children attending the “Florian House”, by organizing monthly thematic parties dedicates to celebrating children’s birthdays. The parties encompass games, contests, creative workshops, songs and dances, thus constituting a special occasion of educating through play and of developing a pro-social behavior.

On the occasion of Christmas, Hands on Education prepared and offered to the children involved in the project, wonderful gifts, that made the children very happy.

“Single Mothers”

By this project,the single mothers attending Florian House, received counseling and support, in order to overcome the material and psychological difficulties they confronted with.

The mothers dealing with the impossibility of paying the house maintenance and utilities,  as also of ensuring food and goods of strict necessity for their minor children were helped, so the risks of family dismembering were eliminated.

“School is cool!(2)”

The program targets the school reintegration and the socio-moral education of children and teenagers who dropped out from school since two or more years, a period in which, without a real family support, they came to know “the benefits” of a dangerous liberty.

As an alternative to the life too much spent on the street, the “Florian House” Day Center offers to the children and youngsters reintegrated in school, a rigorous and attractive program, in a secure socio-educative environment, with the aim of graduating school and preparing for an independent life.

Forgotten children

Considering that in the underprivileged families there is a high risk of family abandon, especially in the case of the new-born babies, the foundation makes efforts to prevent this phenomenon by offering them the necessary support (counseling, milk powder, baby clothing, pampers, etc.)

Another objective of this project is to ensure an adequate education to the pre-school children, brothers or sisters of the children attending our social day centre, by enrolling them in kindergarten and paying the afferent taxes.