15 Nov 2017

The next point of interest for us, the children from “Florian House” Social Day Center, was CFR Museum, where we started to a journey of the railroad history, from the moment of opening the first railroad line from Europe, up till nowadays.
Most of all we enjoyed the diorama, where we travelled with our minds through hills and flat areas, but also in portions specific to mountain areas. The trains we saw were of all kinds: decker passenger trains, night trains, merchandise trains. We closed our eyes and it seemed like we could hear the sound of trains which start moving and the sound sign when the train enters the station.

Our journey ended with an incursion at the North Railroad station, where people come and go, where trains of all kinds end or start their paths.

We thank from the heart from CFR Museum for the kindness they offered us to visit the museum freely and for the interesting explanations given by the guide!


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