In the Social Day Centre « Florian House » unfold the majority of the foundation’s activities. Here, the team offers daily, specific socio-educative support, as also the lunch and breakfast/ snack to a group of 80 underprivileged children and teenagers. These ones come from families confronting with situations of great difficulty (underprivileged families, with many children, single parents, families with one or both parents unemployed, families with parents suffering of severe chronic illnesses, etc) and are in risk of family abandon or school drop-out.

Through educational activities, guidance and counseling, we sustain the school preparation of children and youngsters, thus ensuring their school integration, respectively reintegration. The development of communication and relationship skills, of creativity and the rebuttal of deviant behavior tendencies, the moral and artistic education are also important objectives concerning the children and teenagers coming to the Florian House.
Therefore, they are involved in many educative activities that captivate them, such as group games, thematic contests, making of decorative art objects in the creation atelier, watching educational films, preparing for the shows (the dance and vocal groups), etc.The birthdays of children and the religious annual events are also celebrated at the Florian House, as in a big family.

Another important purpose to us is the socio-professional integration of the youngsters graduating the courses of general school, a reason for which we support them in order to get professional orientation and to find adequate qualification courses, which are sponsored by the foundation. The parents of the children involves in our projects come at the Florian House too, so to be counseled and, whenever needed, to be helped to get a job.