10 Sep 2019

Closing the socio-educational camp organized for 110 unprivileged children at school drop-out risk has marked also the closing of the “School is on your side!’ project carried out by Fundatia JOYO in 2018-2019 school year.
The project was carried out in partnership with Bucharest School Inspectorate and the General Direction of Social Assistance Bucharest and it had as purpose preventing the school drop-out among the pupils from gymnasium schools from Bucharest.
A number of 1858 pupils from schools from 5 and 6 Districts took part at workshops meant to help them to become aware of school drop-out causes and consequences.
It was offered socio-educational support for 30 children who were at school drop-out risk, pupils from Gymnasium School No. 125 from Bucharest. They were included in the “School after School” type program developed by Fundatia JOYO in partnership with School no. 125.


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