C. is 13 years old and has 7 more brothers. He lives with all the family: mother, step father, the sick grandmother and his brothers, in a room which has to be soon evacuated. This unwholesome space is in a building without electricity, sewage and gas. Because of the material issues, often C. leaves home to earn his existence alone, through markets. He comes back in the family after such escapades, when his urge for freedom diminishes. He has 3 brothers who attend school and also, join him, in the SIC 2 program of the Day Center.

The mother remarried and, a short time ago, gave birth to the eight member of the family. The situation became harder since they all are in danger of living on the streets, when the building will be demolished. As the father is the only provider for the family, they cannot afford to rent a house. On the other hand, they are not able to solve the situation of their identity papers so this makes it impossible to them to obtain a social house either.

The family needs a substantial support to rent a space for living, so that the word “home” would really mean something for these poor children. Their participation to the SIC 2 program is also endangered, because for the family the priority is to get a house and not to handle the issue of children’s education. Still, the children could feel more at home in the “Florian House, than in any place they lived in.