In a small rented apartment, with two unheated rooms and with no warm water, located in a miserable Bucharest suburbia, two sisters from a rroma family of five lead a life full of hardships.

Poverty, the meanness of some class colleagues and the helplessness of their family, drove the girls to drop out from school. Expecting a matrimonial arrangement – sustained by a rroma tradition even in children’s cases – they remained at home with their housewife mother and were forced to endure almost daily the aggressiveness, most often accompanied by violence, of their alcoholic father. Unfortunately, the mother couldn’t conceive a separation from him, for his wage was the only revenue of the family.

In this situation, the sisters didn’t have any perspective of continuing school and their social contacts were almost non-existent. When we met them, they seemed almost frightened. We intervened after long negotiations with the whole family and we managed to involve both of them in the “School is Cool 2” project. After the young girls got back to school, we also began to support their mother, a poor traumatized women, with an immense need of social and psychological support. In a short time, she completely changed her self-image and, with our help, she obtained a job that offers her a minimal financial independence.

Instead, it wasn’t easy at all for the girls to adapt again to school’s requirements, but we permanently encouraged and sustained them, until they managed to successfully finish the eight grade. Afterwards, the most ambitious of them decided to continue her studies in high-school. The other one preferred to enroll in a qualification course which was sponsored by our foundation and now she works in the native city of her mother, where her family lives.

Look how, with the aid of our foundation, three souls who seemed until a few years ago doomed to a life of misery and despair, finally came out to light and are now able to look trustfully into the future.