S. was abandoned by her mother at age 3 and was raised by her father and paternal grandparents. The grandparents encouraged her to learn, but her father, violent and alcoholic, stopped her from going to school in the third grade. The child had to stay at home, in order to support, with her weak forces, the rural household works.

Because of her wretched life, she left home at only 14 and got married with her elderly friend. Soon, she gave birth to two children and lived with them for a few years with her husband, who, unfortunately, also became a victim of alcoholism. Exposed to his physical and verbal abuses, the women and her children had to live in a state of permanent terror. Happily, S. managed to snatch away from him and headed towards capital, seeking help for her and the children to the same mother who abandoned her in her childhood.

Thus, these poor three come to live in one of mother’s apartment, while S. tried hard to find a job for herself. Naturally, she could only get some unqualified jobs, which couldn’t assure her sufficient revenue to carry for her children and pay her contribution to the house expenses – a motive for countless disagreements with her sisters living in the same apartment.

We were very impressed by the sad story of this family, that was recommended to us by the manager of S. little girl’s kindergarten. We searched immediately for the mother and included her children in our projects. Short time after this, S. asked us to help her too, by allowing her participation in our school reintegration project, so at the end of the school, she might obtain a qualification and offer her children a better life.

For the two children and their young mother, suffering not only because of the poverty, but also because of countless trauma of the past, the possibility of benefiting during many more years of psychological, pedagogic and material support, meant a true u-turn in their destinies. With tears in her eyes, S. confessed us that nobody helped her so much, in her entire life, as our foundation.