Searching for a center which two of the three children of her could attend after the school courses, Mrs. P. knocked at our door, at school’s recommendation. Visibly marked by her worries, she presented us her and her children’s dramatic situation.

The husband, pensioned for medical reasons (heart disease, hypertension, organic personality syndrome) is the source generating the emotional instability within the family. Mother and children suffer psychic trauma, living in an atmosphere which generates big frustrations. Alcohol consumption, overlapped with the personality disorder, leads to father’s aggressive attacks, directed against the children and their mother. As a result, Mrs. P had to work just two hours a day, dedicating the rest of the time to watching over her children. We included the two school children in the “School is Cool 1” project, supporting her in order to work and cope with family’s needs, without worrying for the children’s welfare during the day.

Due to the fact that they are affected by the parents’ fighting, the two children often display emotiveness, sadness, impulsive, uncontrolled reactions and are predisposed to depression. However, they found at the “Florian House”, an oasis of peace, understanding, affective support, efficient assistance and an educative environment that encourage good school performances.