E. is an rrhoma boy who has another three brothers. He forgot what he has done at school before abandoning it, but he remembered the children laughing about him because he was poorly dressed and his parents couldn’t help him with homework.

The six members of the family live in the basement of a block, with no natural illumination, without windows, among crossing pipes that are a permanent danger for them. When the pipes break down, the space is inundated and the beds become useless, so the family sleeps straight on the floor, until finding another beds.

The parents work irregularly, performing only unqualified jobs, the incomes are very small and unstable, assuring only the food for the family. They don’t have money to rent an adequate space in an apartment.

The older 2 children of the family interrupted the school 3 years ago. Through the SIC 2 program, we managed to reintegrate them into school. They didn’t know to write and to read. Theirs capacities weren’t solicited and stimulated over the time, so they progressed with difficulty, with a lot of effort. Their desire to find out and know always had to be stimulated. Both of the brothers have a long way to cover until obtaining a school instruction that will offer them the possibility to choose for a professional qualification.