A. and I. are 2 brothers who are 16 years old. Their father died after divorcing the boys’ mother.

After father’s decease, they remained in the family’s apartment, but their mother lost it, because she had to pay very big debts accumulated in time (for the satisfaction of her personal pleasures).

They then lived at many addresses, in very difficult conditions, tolerated by different persons and friends. The mother still didn’t have the possibility to pay the rent and other obligations. Because of the hardships, both children dropped-out from school.

Two years later, A. and I. were reintegrated in school, with the support of the Foundation and managed to continue studying.

For now, they live in the house of some very old friends of the family, in one room. In exchange, the boys help the family’s small company, by guarding a storehouse. The mother sometimes leaves the boys, for she is concerned to find men who are fond of transitory relations.

The two boys began to understand the utility of graduating from school, as this is the only thing that would give them the possibility to help themselves in the future.