On a dusty street from a poor region of Bucharest, entering through a ramshackle door in a yard in which you can discover, in a house of two rooms and a hall transformed in kitchen, eight souls: the parents and their six children.

M. is one of these. His look is darkened and, at his 14 years, his eyes have seen many, for the street was his life environment, where he ran from the poverty from home. The unhappiness can be read on his face, which is seldom illuminated. The hardships of his family are also, his own. Each day they can be evacuated by the owners who claimed the building… and then, only the sky will be their roof.

Including him in the « School is Cool 2 », with just a few days before his birthday, was to him a wonderful gift. Each day of him in the “Florian House” Day Center, means to him a “new portion” of knowledge, education and friendship.