03 Jan 2022

Our dear friends, members of the DB Global Technology team, also brought Santa Claus to the children from Fundatia JOYO this year too. These friends were tireless elves who prepared wonderful gifts for all the 80 children and teenagers that we take care of in Casa Florian. Thank you, dear friends for your efforts and […]

03 Jan 2022

Santa’s helpers visited the children from Casa Florian this year too. We thank for the efforts made by our friends from United Way Romania, partial financier of the “School is cool” project, because they offered the gifts for the 80 children from the JOYO Foundation. You have brought the spirit of the winter holidays and […]

07 Dec 2021

In a digital age, where skills are needed to keep up with online school, the children in the project “School is cool!”, partially funded by United Way Romania, are still interested in reading and participate enthusiastically in the reading club which is organized in Casa Florian. Thus, they remain “connected” to books, as “normal” before […]

18 Nov 2021

Today, on the International Day of Tolerance, we should all ask ourselves, how tolerant do we manage to be? Because, in principle, tolerance is learned, today, the children from the Casa Florian day center discussed about accepting and appreciating diversity, respect, patience and kindness. All these, practiced since childhood, help a person to become more […]

28 Oct 2021

The imposed restrictions and the fear induced by the pandemic affected us all, but even more the ones with socio-economic problems. The children who come from vulnerable families are one of the very affected categories. In order to attenuate the consequences of this traumas, the children from “School is cool!” project and their colleagues from […]

17 Aug 2021

Hurraaaay we finished the portion of holiday homework for this week! Exercising and playing are the activities we like the most this holiday. Today we play mini-basketball, and the most skilled of the boys offered to assemble the basket. We kept playing until the sun drove us into the cool rooms of the Casa Florian […]

17 Aug 2021

The sunflower was the „star of the day” for the children from the project „School is cool!”, partially financed by United Way Romania. They have found new information about this useful plant, cultivated on large agricultural areas in our country. The interesting part of the activity was the presentation of some natural plant threads, in […]

13 Jul 2021

Let’s congratulate all the 80 children from Casa Florian who promoted the school year 2020-2021! And let’s be even more happy for the 31 children who obtained awards and mentions. The efforts of the children and of the team from Casa Florian had results, even in a less favorable context caused by the coronavirus pandemic. […]