The goal of the program is to sustain the school children coping with difficult life issues and with the risk of school abandon, before they would lose their trust in school and slip on the path of an unorganized and libertine life, with dramatic consequences for their future. The project aims at the prevention of school abandon, as also at the prevention of family neglect and abandon, the rise of educational level, the prevention of crisis situations in family and their consequences upon children. The development of children’s and their family members’ communication and relationship abilities constitute another important objective of this project, which contributes to the improvement of underprivileged children and families quality of life.

The children participating to this program, come from low-income families, confronting with great socio-economical difficulties, which cannot ensure them the necessary support for a good development and a normal school attendance. Therefore, at the “Florian House” Day Center, they receive the necessary school supplies, a permanent guiding for homework and exams preparation and they also benefit of psychological counseling. Beside these, they are involved in a variety of educational, cultural, sportive and artistic activities, trips and camps, activities of volunteering, practical abilities development, socialization and leisure (interactive games, competitions, visits to museums, spectacles, group discussions, etc.)