What means to redirect 2% of income tax?

A person who realized in 2016 salary income or from independent activities pays by default an income tax 16%. These money goes to the state budget. Through completion of 230 form (FORMULAR-230_nou-2017_Fundatia-Joyo) you decide that these money go to a NGO and not remain at the state budget.

Which steps you need to follow if you want to help us?

First you have to download the form (FORMULAR-230_nou-2017_Fundatia-Joyo) with Fundatia JOYO data.

The second step consist in printing the form and completing them with next information: all your identification data, check point two the type of registered income and the signature at the bottom. The amount could be completed by each person but is an optional information which could be completed also by the employees of the Financial Administration and this will not over pass 2% from your income tax.

Why you should help us?

Continuing the projects depends on the help that we receive from our donators. Fundatia Joyo, as any NGO, doesn’t realize profit and is dependent on received donations in order to deploy his activity. Directing the money to Fundatia joyo, you will help us to continue the proposed projects in 2017 for the 1300 children very poor and their families. Your money you will be used for supplies, clothes, social scholarship, camp, daily meal and snakcs for 80 children, help in realizing their homework through our pedagogues and psychological counseling for all families and children who are in the Fundatia’s care.

What does it cost to help?

Completing the form DOES NOT reduce the incomes and the submission of the form is for free. The amount to be redirect DOES NOT represent a sponsorship or donation. The money that will go to the foundation account will be directed by the State Treasury and not by the person who completes the form.

For other information please contact us at info@fundatia-joyo.org or at 021.410.43.93. We hope to find in our list of supporters. Thank you!